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Welcome to vigeoXchange, Cash Back Rewards for you and the local causes you love to support.



No fundraising required. Spend. Save. Give. With vigeoXchange you can conveniently support your favorite local organizations and causes year-round simply by making purchases at participating local businesses. Plus, with every purchase, you'll earn Cash Back for yourself! Everybody wins!

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Discover our game-changing solution to raising funds beyond traditional fundraising initiatives like car washes and pizza sales. Empower your supporters and easily expand your network with our digital community giving platform. vigeoXchange turns everyday purchases of your committed supporters into meaningful Cash Back Rewards for them and your organization. With vigeoXchange you know that part of your fundraising is always working.


Join vigeoXchange, a digital community giving platform, linking individuals, organizations, and businesses committed to mutual advancement and the spirit of community giving. Utilize an innovative Cash Back incentive program that inspires local purchases at participating businesses. Simultaneously manage your community giving and promotion. Join for free. Pay only for results. Let’s invest in each other!

Using vigeoXchange is easy!


Join for free and then find a local organization you want to support.

Visit participating businesses!

When you check out, mention you’re a vigeoXchange member and provide your registered phone number.

Earn Giveback

Automatically turn your purchases into Cash Back Rewards for you and your cause!


Multiply Cash Back Rewards when you unlock daily Mystery Offers for you and your cause.


Follow your Cash Back Reward status in your vigeXchange digital wallet.


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Emily Meier

Supports Whittier Elementary School, Kenosha

The great thing is I wasn't expected to buy overpriced stuff to try to help out the school. I personally dread all those kinds of fundraisers. All I have to do is shop at participating businesses, tell them I am part of vigeoXchange, and provide my phone number. Then done! A certain percentage will go to Whittier and me. That's it. Pretty simple. At first, I was like, ‘What's the catch?’ Well, there is NO catch.This program is so easy and brilliant! It sure beats selling pizzas or candy!

Organization Admin Image

Dr. Jackie Lichter

All Saints Catholic School, Kenosha

At times I feel as if we, ASCS, often ask our families to ‘fit in one more thing’ and often it involves spending money! Using vigeoXchange has helped eliminate some of the ‘extra’ ways we ask our families to participate in small fundraisers. Families are are using vigeoXchange for their everyday purchases. Some of our families have their extended family and friends also earning money for their pocketbooks and the school. There’s great comfort knowing that with vigeoXchange part of our fundraising is always working.

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Dino Katris

Roots Hospitality Group
La Fogata Mexican Grill, Waterfront Warehouse & Lucky Star Pub and Eatery

vigeoXchange helps us manage our community giving and focus our promotion. We regularly receive requests for donations to sports or events. We want to support our community with its goals and give back as much as we can, while we also like to see it help our business. vigeoXchange and vigeoOffers let me customize my promotion and track what works. I know I pay only for results. So more spending means I’ve attracted more business. It’s a win-win for my business and my community.

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